TRANSART is a non-profit multi-disciplined arts organization. TRANSART accomplishes its goals by organizing and traveling exhibitions, presenting performing arts programs and conducting workshops and cultural programs for general audiences, schools and special constituencies.  TRANSART’s founder Greer Smith established  the organization in 1990 with assistance from a cultural initiative sponsored by the New York State Black and Puerto Rican Legislative Caucus through the office of Assemblyman Roger Green.  TRANSART’s exhibition home was the library at Medgar Evers College/CUNY in Brooklyn, New York.

TRANSART moved its headquarters  to the Mid-Hudson Valley in 1996 to underscore our commitment to enhance the cultural environment of communities of color and fill the need for better access to culture and art to  segments of the population that have historically been underserved throughout the Hudson River Valley (named for the river that flows through the center of a great glacial valley which extends from Lake Champlain to New York City).

TRANSART provides programming year-round that builds communities, addresses critical social issues and takes advantage of new resources to infuse art and culture into the civic life of people of African descent along the Hudson River Valley.  Exhibitions and performances present local and international artists. Our educational focus includes arts-based after-school programs, curriculum-based arts-in-education programs and staff development for public schools. Our multicultural perspectives inform local initiatives in fields ranging from historic preservation to cultural tourism.
From Brooklyn to  Harlem to Kingston TRANSART’s programming focus  provides instruction in performing and visual arts to at-risk youth enrolled in  public schools in grades 2-12.  Art instructors intimately connected to traditional artistic practices and cultural influences guide students as they produce art, exhibitions, and performances through group activities and individual projects as they explore the continuum of the African Diaspora.

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